1. 27 Enero 2014

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    Johanna Mason. District 7.

  2. Let’s each have three, and whoever is still alive at breakfast can take a vote on the rest.


  4. charleymoff:

'you're the face of the rebellion'


    'you're the face of the rebellion'

  5. drnoorhazfalinda:

    We end up on the same elevator with her, and she spends the whole ride to the seventh floor chatting to Peeta about his paintings while the light of his still glowing costume reflects off her bare breasts. When
    she leaves, I ignore him, but I just know he’s grinning. I toss aside his hand as the doors close behind Chaff and Seeder, leaving us alone, and he breaks out laughing.

    Note: I love Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch’s expression, priceless…

  6. proudmadridista-love:

aaaaaaaa <3


    aaaaaaaa <3

  7. Lucky thing we’re allies, right?